Ledgewood Apartments

Welcome to C. M. Cimino Realty Inc., a proud owner/operator firm based in Westbrook, Maine. Our Featured Property, Ledgewood Apartments offers section 8 housing in Biddeford, Maine. It’s a welcoming community that’s both affordable and comfortable. As specialists in low-income and elderly housing since 1975, we’re committed to providing high-quality living environments supported by government-subsidized programs. Our apartments cater to residents aged 62 or over and those with disabilities, with amenities designed to support a fulfilling lifestyle

If you’re searching for a home that prioritizes quality of life and dignity for all its residents, Ledgewood Apartments is here for you. We provide easy access to Section 8 housing, where rent is based on a percentage of your income, ensuring affordability for all. Don’t hesitate to start your application process today and join our warm and inclusive community.

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